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Burda Dressmakers' Carbon Paper - Blue and Red

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Burda's copy paper in blue and red is a great way to transfer your embroidery designs to fabric. The pack contains 2 large sheets of carbon paper - 1 red, and 1 blue - both sized 83cm x 56cm (32 inches x 22 inches).


It's easy to use - just layer your fabric, carbon paper, and embroidery pattern or stencil onto a hard surface - then trace over the top! The coloured layer of the carbon paper transfers your pattern onto the fabric - so the red and blue paper shows up best on contrasting colours.


Paraffle Note: For me, carbon paper is the best way to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric. It's particularly good for putting embroidery designs onto coloured fabrics; plus, it's easy to use, and lasts a while - so the pattern won't vanish if your project takes a while to finish!


Note: Not for use on fabrics with a rough, uneven surface; or on transparent fabrics.

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