About Us

Hello! I'm Sammy - embroiderer, honorary Scot, and founder of Paraffle.

I started embroidering just before Christmas 2015, after deciding to hand-sew a gift for my mum.  I scoured the internet for cute, contemporary embroidery patterns, but nothing quite suited what I had in mind for her. Not to be defeated, I decided to make my own - and after a lot of designing, re-designing, and stitch-unpicking, I created my first embroidered paisley animal.

After discovering that people liked the designs and were looking for DIY projects that they could create at home (just as I had been), I plunged my time into making my first embroidery kits and patterns. A few months and several new designs later, Paraffle (which means 'embroidery' or 'an ostentatious display' in Scots) was born in my teeny Edinburgh flat.

I was a PhD student when I began embroidering as a hobby; at first, I didn't plan to take it any further (although my mum will happily tell you that I was 7 years old when I told her that I was going to create a business called 'Sammy's Sewing').  After realising that academia really wasn't the place for me - alongside a huge confidence boost, when my embroidery was featured on Martha Stewart's blog - I decided to take a leap of faith and try to make full-time work out of my sewing obsession.

So, here I am now - still stitching, still in Scotland, and having more fun with it than ever before!