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  • Sustainability and Carbon Offsetting

    You might know that I'm always looking for ways to make Paraffle a more sustainable and environmentally friendly embroidery business...and I'm super happy to say that Paraffle is now offsetting carbon emissions from all of your orders!
  • Free Sampler Pattern!

    A little treat! I made this sampler recently while experimenting with new colours - and now I'm offering it as a free download on the website. Hooray!
  • Christmas 2020: Out with the Old, in with the New

    Yes! The Christmas embroidery kits are ready - with added jingle bells! Looking back to last year's Christmas designs and patterns, it's been quite a year...
  • ...on Being a Better Business

    In the Spring/Summer of 2020, Paraffle had a bit of an overhaul - I ditched the plastic, and made a range of charity kits, following my strong belief that even tiny businesses can make a difference...