Ultimate Embroidery Guide for Beginners | Paraffle Embroidery

  • Embroidery Tools for Beginners

    So, you've collected the basics that you need to start embroidering. There's also a few tools that can help you on the way - whether that's helping with threading pesky needles, easing sore hands and fingers, or help with learning new embroidery techniques!
  • Best Fabrics for Embroidery

    Wondering which fabrics are best for hand embroidery - and which ones really aren't? Check out our guide to different embroidery materials!
  • Ultimate Embroidery Guide for Beginners

    You're keen on getting started with embroidery, but still have a hundred questions? Find all of the answers in the Ultimate Embroidery Guide for Beginners!
  • Starting and Tying off your Embroidery

    Learn how to start and tie off a piece of embroidery with this brief video for beginners - it's super easy to get started!   Instructions (given i...
  • How to Use Carbon Paper to Transfer Embroidery Patterns

    This beginners' tutorial will show you how to transfer patterns for hand embroidery onto dark fabric using carbon paper.   Instructions (given in ...