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Embroidery blogs

To help you on your embroidery journey, we keep three blogs updated. First is our beginners blog for the basics of embroidery. Then we've got an embroidery ideas blog to give you some inspiration, and lastly a stitch guide blog (which mostly has video tutorials) to take you through the main embroidery stitches. Hopefully some or all of the blogs are helpful to you!
What options are there for displaying your finished embroidery pieces?
Some tips for any beginners out there suffering from "blank hoop syndrome"!
Let's talk thread - the main brands, and the main types of hand embroidery thread available.
I'll talk you through how to use hand embroidery to customise and upcycle your clothes. You can create a totally unique item of clothing to show off - and it's really easy to do, once you know how. Plus, it's a great way to break the cycle of fast fashion!
Learn how to make a hand embroidered patch with our full guide for beginners. Patches are a useful way to customise your shirts, jackets and accessories. They're perfect for upcycling old clothes!
I think it’s pretty safe to say that flower designs are an absolute classic part of embroidery styles both vintage and modern. Simply type “embroidery” into Pinterest and you’ll find that nine out of ten image results will feature flowers! And with spring firmly in the air up here in Edinburgh...
Split Stitch is great for creating smooth, curved lines without leaving gaps between stitches - and it’s easy to do, too!
Couching is a useful way to add textured lines to your pieces - and it's fairly easy to create, too!