At Paraffle, we want to grow responsibly. We've dedicated kits to charity, and 50% of the price you pay goes to these causes.

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Here at Paraffle we want to bring embroidery to as many people as possible.

We keep three blogs updated:

👩‍🏫 One for the basics.

🎬One for the stitches.

💡And one for inspiration.

A collage of five embroidery hoops and five needle minders, each displaying a colourful animal design

"Paraffle is an amazing small business...

I feel very welcome and included and am obsessed with embroidery. In fact I would say if feels like an embroidery family!!

I love her whole ethos and inclusivity. I also love seeing the business grow and doing well. Well done from Ruth one delighted customer!"

- Ruth P.

"I love Paraffle kits because they are so unique, modern & give you the opportunity to have a go at something other than just an embroidery hoop.

The kit is beautifully put together, has everything you need & fab instructions (perfect for a novice like me!)."

- Helen B.

Looking for ideas as to what you can hand embroider directly on to? I've listed out a few ideas here!
I'll talk you through how to use hand embroidery to customise and upcycle your clothes. You can create a totally unique item of clothing to show off - and it's really easy to do, once you know how. Plus, it's a great way to break the cycle of fast fashion!
Learn how to make a hand embroidered patch with our full guide for beginners. Patches are a useful way to customise your shirts, jackets and accessories. They're perfect for upcycling old clothes!