At Paraffle, we want to grow responsibly. We've dedicated some of our kits to charities, and 50% of the price you pay is donated.

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Here at Paraffle we want to bring embroidery to as many people as possible.

We keep three blogs updated:

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Customise Kits

In the UK, we throw away £140 million worth of wearable clothing every year. That’s 350, 000 tonnes of fabric going to waste – annually! Extending the life-cycle of clothing we already own is an easy way to reduce our impact on the world around us -  so why not try upcycling your clothes instead?

New is out; Old is in!

Sammy has created a brand new range of Customise Kits just for this purpose- making it easy to personalise your old textiles with modern embroidery designs.

Each Customise kit has ten beautiful hand embroidery designs on water-soluble transfer paper - so you can revitalise your used clothing and help reduce your impact on the planet. In the spirit of upcycling, the envelopes we use to package our Customise Kits are made from 100% recycled cotton rags, too!

To spark your creativity, there are four themed kits (scroll down to see them all!), each packed with eight DMC thread colours, expertly chosen to complement Paraffle designs, and you will find loads of tips, inspiration and resources on our blog - so even beginners can get involved!

Sometimes you see an embroidery project that blows you away. The Red Dress project - conceived and developed by British artist Kirstie MacLeod - is one of those. Take a look!

I'm SO excited to announce the continuation of our favourite Paraffle tradition: our Black Friday Charity Event! This year, we’re partnering with Excellent Development - 25% of Paraffle sales from the Black Friday weekend will be donated to them.