We've partnered with Link Education

Paraffle and Link education have partnered! Link Education works with some of the most marginalised communities in sub-Saharan Africa to ensure that all children can receive a quality education. From 27-30 Nov, 25% of your purchase will go to Link to help bring education to those who need it most. The best bit? Your donation will be matched £ for £ by some of Link’s other supporters for double the impact! 

Link Education 

Working directly with schools, communities and government, Link provide support and training for more effective teaching, improved school management, increased community engagement leading to better learner outcomes.

From humble beginnings as a student society over three decades ago, Link has improved the life chances of hundreds of thousands of children across sub-Saharan Africa.

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More about our Partnership 

Link's lovely fundraising manager Sophie got in touch with me to propose the partnership - she found out about Paraffle after a friend gifted her a pair of embroidery scissors! I'd already heard of Link Education (they're a local Edinburgh based Charity), and after exploring their wonderful website it was soo easy to decide to partner with them.

Part of the reason I prefer supporting small charities is that more of the money goes to the good work they do - and Link is no different - 96p of every £1donated goes directly to their charitable activities.

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Link on Social Media (give them a follow!)