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Sonata Seat Frame

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 Sonata embroidery hoop stands are the perfect accompaniment for your hand embroidery or cross stitch - they're adjustable, lightweight, and can hold hoops up to 30cm (12 inches) wide. 


The seat frame comes with comprehensive assembly instructions - so all you need to do is tuck it under your leg; adjust to the right angle for you; and let the stand take the strain.  They're great for saving aching hands and fingers from holding your embroidery hoop in position!


Paraffle Note: These hoop stands were a revelation for me - until I started using one, I didn't realise just how much strain I was putting on my hands (particularly my pinky finger!) from holding hoops in place for hours at a time. Plus,  from setting the stand at a good height, I finally stopped hunching over - saving my shoulders and neck a whole world of trouble!