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Rabbit and Hare Embroidery Kit

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These two cute animals are the perfect pair for Spring! The dreamy moon gazing Hare was the first one I designed, and after having him on my wall for a while I thought he really needed a friend - so I hopped right to it and created the Rabbit too!

These are on two new colours of fabric - or new to me, at least! I'd been holding on to these yellow & grey fabrics for the perfect designs, and I had loads of fun creating this matching-but-different pair.

This is one of my beginner level kits - with 10 stitches in total & everything you need included - you just need a pen & a pair of scissors!

The kit includes:
* Bamboo 'working' hoop
* Two 7.5 inch display hoops
* Grey and yellow cotton fabric
* Embroidery needle
* DMC Mouline special 25 embroidery threads
* felt, to back the pieces
* dressmakers' carbon paper (to transfer the patterns)
* Moon gazing Hare & Easter Rabbibt pattern & stencil
* comprehensive instructions for each stage of the project
* 8 page stitch guide covering all of the stitches in the pattern