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Letter Charm Embroidery Kit

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Create your own gorgeous charm for your keyring or jewellery with this mini letter embroidery kit. 

Each kit comes with a transfer for your chosen letter, fabric, thread, an embroidery hoop, and a tiny (2.5cm) display hoop .  There's also plenty of instructions and tips on the stitches you'll need - so it's easy to create a tiny piece of hand embroidery with your initial!

The Letter Charms come in three colour schemes - Pink, Blue, and Purple - for you to choose the shades that suit you (or whoever you're making it for!) best.

There's so many ways these charms can be used - as an embroidered keyring, a necklace, a bag charm - or why not make two and turn them into personalised earrings?

Paraffle note: I just love how cute these tiny letters are! They're a gorgeous way to personalise your jewellery or accessories - and the bright colour palettes make them super eye-catching, too.