Swan Embroidery Kit

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This Swan embroidery kit for beginners is a gorgeous way to learn the basics of contemporary embroidery.

The classic swan design - with a modern paisley twist - uses 10 basic embroidery stitches, and the kit includes everything you need to get started on your own piece of hand embroidery. The practical instructions and photos guide you through each new technique - making it perfect for both beginners, and more experienced stitchers looking for some practice!

The kit includes:
* 8 inch 'working' hoop
* 8 inch display hoop
* navy blue fabric
* backing felt
* DMC embroidery threads
* needle
* dressmakers' carbon paper (to transfer the pattern)
* paisley swan pattern & stencil
* comprehensive instructions for each stage of the project
* 9-page stitch guide, giving instructions and practical tips on all the stitches this project needs

The wooden display hoop included is ready to hang once the project is finished - so all you need to get started are a pair of scissors and a pen!