Display Hoop

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Nurge embroidery hoops are the perfect way to display your completed work!

These beautifully finished frames are made of Beech, with a small hanging hook attached. 

This style of embroidery hoop comes in 5 sizes. The smallest - 4 inches (100mm) diameter - are perfect for mini pieces of embroidery, or for making festive Christmas baubles!  I frame all of my designs in these hoops - usually the largest 8.5 inch (220mm) - so they're great if you've completed a Paraffle embroidery pattern before.

Note; these hoops don't have screw tops, and the inner and outer hoops are slightly loose - so they're for display only, and can't hold fabric tight enough for stitching! If you're looking for a frame to work in, try our 8 inch bamboo embroidery hoops.

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