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Embroidery Display Hoop - 6.5 inches

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Inner hoop - 6.5 inches (

Nurge display hoops are a great way to display your finished pieces of embroidery - they're made from beech, with a hanging hoop attached,

The outer and inner hoops of this frame are loose, using the fabric of your embroidery to sandwich the two together - they're not suitable as working frames, as they don't have the screw top to tighten the fabric.

Paraffle Note:These hanging hoops are my favourite way to display a piece of embroidery. For some reason, I've never been keen on displaying screw-top embroidery hoops in my home, so these are a great solution - creating a lovely frame that suits almost any room. 

Tip:If the outer and inner hoops still feel loose when you're framing, no problem! Add a couple of French knots on the tiny edge between the two hoops - this will create all the width you need to sandwich the two together!