Here at Paraffle we want to bring embroidery to as many people as possible.

We keep three blogs updated:

👩‍🏫 One for the basics.

🎬One for the stitches.

💡And one for inspiration.


Welcome to the 'How to' section of Paraffle!

This section is here to help you progress with your embroidery projects - from choosing your fabric and transferring your patterns, all the way through to finishing and backing your work.

This is a new venture for me (as of March 2020), and will continue to grow - hopefully into a collection of videos for all the stitches you'll need, plus a bunch of other tips and techniques!

If there's anything you'd love to see a tutorial on, just let me know - I'm here to help. 


Getting Started:

Using Carbon Paper to Transfer your Pattern 

how to use carbon paper to transfer embroidery patterns


Starting and Tying Off

how to start and tie off hand embroidery


Basic Embroidery Stitches

These stitches are all used in my embroidery kits, and are a great set of techniques to learn if you're just starting out!

Back Stitch

how to do back stitch - hand embroidery tutorial for beginners


Chain Stitch

how to do chain stitch - embroidery tutorial


Stem Stitch

how to do stem stitch - embroidery tutorial


Lazy Daisy Stitch

how to do a lazy daisy - embroidery tutorial


Satin Stitch

how to do satin stitch - embroidery tutorial for beginners


French Knots

French Knots Embroidery Tutorial