Display Hoop Kits

If you are looking for a new display piece for your home, or want to give someone a crafty gift, these kits are perfect. They all come with a detailed stitch guide booklet that gives a thorough explanation (with photos!) of the different stitches used, with my personal tips for each one.

You'll get two wooden hoops in each embroidery kit - one 8 inch bamboo 'working' hoop for use while you're stitching, as well as a gorgeous 8.5 inch (6.5 inch hoop in the three sky kits) beechwood display hoop. Once you've finished your project, you'll be able to re-use the bamboo working hoop for future projects!

The fabric provided for embroidering the pattern is 100% cotton, and a wool/viscose felt square is also included in the kit, for backing the display hoop.

The thread in all of the kits is DMC Mouliné special 25 - a 6 strand cotton embroidery thread.

Eco-friendly -

It's so important to know that what you're spending your money on is something that has been carefully sourced to minimise the environmental impact. This is something we're constantly working on - there's always improvements that can be made! For now, you can be sure of the following:

There's no plastic used in these kits, or in the packaging.

All of the fabric and thread used is 100% natural - no synthetic material is used.

The paper used for the stitch guide and instructions is FSC certified, and the inks used for all of the printing required are environmentally friendly.

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