How to Use Carbon Paper to Transfer Embroidery Patterns

This beginners' tutorial will show you how to transfer patterns for hand embroidery onto dark fabric using carbon paper.


Instructions (given in video):

  1. Find a hard, flat surface - then take your fabric, a ballpoint pen, your stencil, and a sheet of carbon paper.
  2. Lay the fabric down, and make sure it's flat. Carbon paper has two different sides - one side feels more like paper; and the other has a waxy or chalky coating (on coloured carbon paper, the colourful side is the waxy side).
  3. Place the carbon paper on your fabric, waxy side down.
  4. Take your design/stencil, and place it over the carbon paper - make sure the design fits within the size of the carbon paper.
  5. With your pen, firmly draw over your stencil. Be careful not to move the fabric or paper while you're tracing - or the design will be jumbled and imprint in different places!
  6. Check that you've traced over each piece of the stencil - then lift off the paper. Transfer done!
  7. Take your inner hoop, and lay your fabric over the top. Re-position the outer hoop; screw it tight; make sure the fabric is taut; and trim the corners (if you want!).
You're ready to get stitching!

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