Stem Stitch

Stem stitch is a great way to create smooth, flowing lines. It's perfect for stitching plants or vines, and works well on lettering, too.

Instructions (given in video):

  1. Start with a simple, single running stitch.
  2. Bring your needle up halfway back along your previous stitch - and just slightly to the side.
  3. Then, put your needle back through a stitch length away, on the guide line - so that it's a little diagonal.
  4. Repeat! Bring the needle up halfway back and just to the side of the previous stitch...and go back through right on the guideline. 
As you can see, it can sometimes take a few stitches for it to really come together, so if it looks strange after only 2 or 3 stitches, then persevere - it should start to flow!

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