French Knots

French Knots can be tricky - but once you've got the knack, they're a gorgeous stitch for decorative fillers, outlines, adding texture, and flower blossom effects.


Instructions (given in video):

  1. Come up through the fabric, and take hold of the thread with your non-needle hand.
  2. Hold the needle horizontally, and wrap the thread once around your needle - going up and over from the bottom.
  3. Re-pierce the fabric, right next to your original hole - but only push the needle halfway through!
  4. Holding the needle halfway through, tug the thread - then let go of your thread as you pull the needle through.
  5. Repeat - bring your needle through, and wrap the thread up and over. Then put your needle halfway through the fabric; tug the thread tight; then release the thread as you pull the needle through. Tugging the thread helps you keep your knots nice and neat - solving one of the most common problem with French Knots!

French Knots can be made bigger by the number of times you wrap the thread around the needle - in the second row, the thread is wrapped twice before re-piercing the fabric. The third row has 3 wraps, to make the knots slightly bigger again.

The top 3 rows here all used 2 strands of thread from the skein; this bottom row uses a full skein (6 strands) with 1, 2, then 3 wraps, to change he size and effect of the knots again.

I tend to use 2 strands, with 2 wraps - but it depends on the effect you want! 

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