Back Stitch

Back Stitch is a perfect stitch for writing, outlining shapes, and creating definition - I use it as a foundation for so much of my work!

Instructions (given in video):

  1. Make sure the long end of your thread is knotted or secured before you begin.
  2. Start with a single running stitch - up, then down.
  3. Bring your thread back up an equal length away from your first stitch... then go back down the hole that you've already used (this is why it's called back stitch - you're just going back on yourself, to join up the stitches and create one smooth line.)
  4. Repeat - come up a stitch length away, and go back down through the previous hole.
This is great for simple straight lines, but can also be used on angles and curves. If you're stitching a curvy line, you can alter the length of the stitches - like I have here - to round out the edges and smooth out any sharp corners.

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